Soups On!

I have a crock pot of chicken broth coming up to a simmer. I used 2 Walmart rotisserie carcasses, 3 TB of Better Than Bouillon Chicken broth base, some onion, carrot, celery and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Now I’ll get my shower, toddle off to work and while I’m gone it will simmer away. When I get home a few hours later I will remove everything from the pot and strain the broth off. Then I’ll pick the chicken meat from the carcasses and probably eat the celery and carrots if they have any flavor left in them. Then I’ll pour the broth back in the pot and add a new batch of onions, celery and carrots, and when they cook up near tender I’ll add frozen veggies and let it cook another 1/2 hour until tender and add the chicken meat last. I’m omitting my usual pearl barley. I’ll add cooked angel hair pasta to the soup before I serve it. Sometimes I reheat the soup on the stove and cook one serving of the broken up pasta in the broth.


Soup Supper

I have just made a pot of Kielbasa Corn Chowder this morning for tomorrow’s soup supper at the local Methodist church. After I get a shower I will make the second pot. I already posted the recipe.

Sweet Corn Cooking…

Remember how I’m making Kielbasa Corn Chowder for the church soup supper? Well this morning my father and I went to the local farmer’s stand for some corn so I can blanch it and freeze it even though I make the soup Thursday. He is a relative and he had a sign up saying, no corn for a few days until the field is ready. So we drove down the road to another farmer- not a relative. They charged $5.00 for a dozen and I bought 2 dozen. Most of the ears are beautiful but some have turned to brown mush on the tip where a worm settled in. I just break those tips off and shove the ear in the stainless steel dutch oven I’m steaming the corn in. I can only fit 9 ears in the pot because they are so big! While I was at the stand I had 3 extra dollars to spend but the only thing I needed was garlic. I was totally shocked to see their garlic selling for $2.00 a small head! I refused to buy it of course. I’ll get mine somewhere else, even at Walmart!

Lorraine’s Fresh Corn Bake

24 ears of corn (2 doz.)
1 can evaporated milk
1 can water
4 eggs
4 TB Flour
2 Tb Sugar (or omit)
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper or more
1 stick butter melted plus 1/2 a stick to pour on top after it’s baked.
Shuck the corn and boil about 10 mins. Drain and place in cold water to cool, keep changing the water when it warms up. Then cut the corn kernels off the cob. (The Pampered Chef one works the best). You might end up with 8-12 cups of corn.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place the corn in a greased large glass lasagna dish which is bigger and deeper than a 9” x 13” cake dish.
Beat the eggs well with a wire whisk and add the milk, a can of water, the flour, sugar, salt and pepper. Pour over the dish of corn. If you have too many lumps pour through a sieve.
Cover with foil and bake 40 mins. Remove foil and bake 20 mins. more or until set in the middle.
Melt the 1/2 stick of butter and pour on top before serving.
NOTE: This is more corn and not much custard.

Mom’s Sunday Chicken

I finally got Mom’s chicken recipe right! I’m so happy!
Coat bone-in chicken with melted butter then sprinkle with lots of garlic salt and paprika, and a little pepper on BOTH sides of the buttered chicken. I used a least a whole stick of melted butter. But I made a double batch and used 2 sticks.
Bake in an oil sprayed baking dish skin side down in a preheated 425 degree oven for a half hour then turn over and bake 1/2 hour more. The drumsticks might take 45 min. but I baked them an hour. Use bone in chicken especially the thighs! Mom loved them! Adjust baking to your oven, perhaps 45 minutes will be enough for the thighs too.

Hundred-Year-Old Nestle’s Food Advertisement — A Hundred Years Ago

Hundred-year-old advertisements that pique my interest generally make me smile. This one didn’t. I found the ad upsetting., and it raised so many questions: When did companies first start selling commercial products that were advertised for use as a baby formula? What information, other than advertisements, was available to help parents decide how to feed […]

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