My First Android Phone

Yep, here I am 58 years old and I’m getting used to this android Samsung phone. It’s bigger and heavier than my old TRAC flip phone. I kind of resent the fact that I have to carry this phone wherever I go now. I loved a land line but it was too expensive and the Phone company failed to add it to our internet package as we asked them to, so it’s their problem if they missed out on the money it would bring in. So I usually have a hard time learning new things and my menopausal forgetfulness doesn’t help but I’m slowly getting used it.

Try Living in the Present Moment

I am 58 years old now and many years ago I decided I to live in the present moment. It helped me overcome my mild depression. I don’t sit around allowing myself to get depressed about past events. But it makes it hard for me to remember names of people and details of what happened in the past, then I panic and wonder if I’m getting dementia or something. Am I okay if my mind goes blank when I can’t remember your name although I know that I know you from the past? Am I okay? Oh well.. no use panicking about it.. Life goes on eh?

I Am a Jangleresse

I LOVE old English words. I remember reading the Canterbury tales in senior high school and Miss Purcell had us all take a try at reading some of a poem. I got a real kick out of it! I never forgot that time. So when I created this blog I gave it a nice “Middle English name. At first I called it ‘The Jangleresse’ but later changed it to ‘Alderbest’ which means “Best of All”. I planned on sharing my BEST thoughts, which I haven’t done very often it seems!   Here’s a website where I go sometimes, but this was not the one I used at first, I would have to search for it again.

That Brown Bottle of Lysol from Dr. Dad

Yesterday I was doing some gardening and I managed to get tiny hairline cuts on the tops of my fingers. There was Miracle Grow soil embedded deeply in the cuts and I couldn’t get it our with the nail brush! Yes it hurt to scrub a few tiny cuts, but I’m a tough old gal! So I went to bed with dirt in my cuts and woke up with all of them red and looking like infection might be setting in. So after my husband left for work I got out my brown bottle of Lysol- (yes the same one my dad used to disinfect our cuts when we were growing up), and I added 1/4 tsp to a cup and a half of warm water. Then I soaked my hands for 10 minutes in the cloudy pink water. Then I scrubbed the cuts again with an old toothbrush in the Lysol water before dumping the stuff down the drain. Yes just a 10 minute soak and I see a great improvement in healing 2 hours later. I will have to repeat this process again later in the day. I swear it helps, it always has and always will.

A Freaking Fly in My Soup!

I made a huge pot of soup with the ham bones from Easter supper. I had a great time cooking it in the crock pot. There had been an old fly in the house. The first one of the season, but I didn’t think anything of it, so I made my soup. Now later as I was ladling it out into glass bowls to cool I see a freaking fly in the broth in bottom of the crock pot! I was so pissed off! NO! I did not throw out 5 quarts of perfectly good soup! I removed the fly and I’m still going to eat it! (Am I bad? A true pig of sorts?) I just can’t throw it all out FGS! I see a fly on my bedroom window screen now! I must have had two flies.. I hate the damn things! (Don’t you?).