Low Sodium Bread for CKD Diet

Today I am making low sodium bread for my husband to eat. He has his new CKD diet to follow and I make the LoSo bread and low sodium hamburger rolls with 1/4 tsp of salt to each loaf of bread or batch of rolls. Here’s my recipe. Which I triple:

LoSo Bread

1 Cup Warm Water

1 Tb brown or table sugar plus one to proof the yeast

3 TB Olive Oil (The one to use in a CKD diet)

1 and 1/4 tsp Yeast

1/4 tsp Salt

Flour added until dough is no longer sticky and kneadable.

Proof yeast in the water with a tsp sugar for about 5 min. Then add the other ingredients. Slowly add 2 cups of flour and add the rest by 1/2 cups or handfuls until comes away from the side of the bowl. Then knead in the remaining flour until somewhat stiffer. If it’s too soft it falls in when rising and if too dry and stiff it doesn’t rise correctly. I just go by the feel. Then I wash the mixing bowl, dry it and oil spray the bowl and dough ball. I let it rise in fridge at least 2 hours until double in bulk.

Then punch down dough and form into a loaf. I knead out the air bubbles first, then shape into a loaf. Fork the dough all the way down to the bottom of the loaf pan in 3 rows before allowing to rise (grandma did this to pop any bubbles I suppose). Oil spray the dough and let rise, covered with a cotton cloth on the counter until double in size.

Bake 30 min approx. in 350-375 degree oven until dark brown and hollow sounds when loaf tapped on bottom. I have a “hot” electric oven. Meaning it must be turned down 25 or 30 degrees lower than the recipe calls for.

Let cool completely before slicing. I actually pre-slice my bread and freeze it 2-3 slices per sandwich bag. The low sodium content makes it go stale and mold up faster than my regular bread recipe. My husband lets it that before making a sandwich the same day. The extra olive oil helps keep the texture soft. Plus cooking and baking with olive oil is recommended by husband’s renal doc.

NOTE: I admit this bread tastes bland and doesn’t store well once thawed. I make and eat my own regular bread using 1 tsp salt per loaf. We don’t eat much store bought bread and when we do it. Meier’s Italian.




Babysitting.. Grandma tries to Follow the Rules

I never considered myself a wonderful parent. Now that my daughter is the mother of a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy, I can see that this true.. I am not comfortable telling other people what to do, I am not a take charge kind of person and I’ve been known to be directed by bossed around by my granddaughter, and I’m supposed to help babysit them for 4 days? Eek! I’ll have to learn to be assertive and not get tricked into the children’s shenanigans. I am so lucky my daughter and son turned out alright, SERIOUSLY! They are both hard workers and responsible adults! They have their flaws of course but hopefully not as bad as they think mine are! I have my faults too. I’m obese and my face can be rather clownish at times while expressing myself. I am a procrastinator of the worse kind when it comes to cleaning my house, and I allow my physical limitations (I have Pelvic Organ Prolapse) dictate my job searches. Well guess what my husband has CKD and I have to freaking grow up now! The medical bills will pile up weather we have financial aid or not. If only I could find a sit down job assembling things. I love that kind of job in manufacturing, except I can’t see or remember as well as I used to. I need to get my head examined, seriously I do.

The Candy Lady Mystery

In the early 1900s, in a small rural county in Texas, a missing child was finally found — in a ditch, eyes gouged out with a fork, pockets stuffed with sweets. An unsolved mystery at the time, locals today believe the perpetrator was none other than the mysterious ‘Candy Lady’… Over the course of a […]

via Did the ‘Candy Lady’ abduct and murder children in Texas? — Behind The Curtain

ONLY LOVE IS REAL by Brian L. Weiss, M. D.

Remember this Carol King song? I graduated in 1976, loved the Tapestry album.

I’ve believed in reincarnation for many years, so I really enjoyed this true story of reincarnated souls who share lifetimes and reincarnate together as couples, friends and family members.  I just finished reading this book about REAL reincarnation and a few souls who reincarnated in the present (meaning when this book was written and published in (c) 1997/2000).

I know I lived at least three previous lifetimes. Once as a scholar in Greece I was a male teacher in an outdoors school and I had a close friendship with a fellow teacher. We were best of friends. Were we gay lovers? It never got that far in the day vision I had,  I just knew I loved and felt great affection for this man as we watched over some students in the background.

In another vision I was a lowly female servant in a castle, maybe in Ireland or Great Brittan somewhere. I’ve often felt like a servant during my lifetime. I worked as a home health Aid and certainly that was a servants job in many ways. I just remember the rough clothing I wore in the possible middle ages and the dark, cold castle I called home.

My third intuitive knowing or feeling I was a beautiful, rich, selfish woman who treated my one true love horribly. I was a real bitch to all who knew me. I spurned him and never married him. I had an unhappy life. I recently read this book on reincarnation and it reminded me of what I’ve known for a long time now, Only love is real….


Overwhelmed by Husband’s CKD Diagnosis

I just watched a DVD we were given from the Fresenius Kidney Care website  https://www.freseniuskidneycare.com/ It’s bad enough my husband needs surgery to make his vein larger to hold the large dialysis needle, but it mentions a payment plan? We are already living week to week, and he will have more and more medical tests and their bills, and once dialysis starts that will also add up. Because of my own job history and more recent Pelvic Organ Prolapses I haven’t worked full time in many years. I admit I’m worried. The doc wants him on a transplant list right away because it often takes 6 years to get one.