I need to write a letter…

Last December I acted like a fool! I Really, Really regret it too! If I had only kept my big mouth shut! I more or less told my aunt off in a short note and two letters for giving me the cold shoulder for over 20 years! Aunt C married my dad’s younger brother. Now her son won’t really talk to me. I suppose I upset his mom…  Does he even realize she gave me the cold shoulder for about 30 years? I must have hurt her feeling horribly and offended her a lot to have her treat me that way, yet refuse to tell me what I did to upset her!

Now I want to sincerely apologize to her for the way I acted but I fear it will make things worse. You see she has one more reason to be hurt and offended by me. I think she needs to apologize to ME for giving me the cold shoulder all these years and not telling me why! She did the same thing to my wonderful caring mother!

Anyway I wanted to heal things between us, but her depth of hurt goes way too deep to forgive anyone. It’s not all about her. She hurt me and mom and several other people she gives the cold shoulder to. Anyone who hurt her feelings gets ignored by her.. it never ends…



I recently posted a recipe using Hatfield Polska Kielbasa. Well I made a HUGE mistake! I had bought HILLSHIRE FARMS Polska Kielbasa and must have done the same last time I made it because I was thrilled to be getting 2 and 1/2 Lbs of kielbasa for about $9.00!. So I wrote the wrong brand in my Kielbasa Corn Chowder recipe. and I’ll have to fix that later.  But meanwhile today is the day I make my soup for the soup sale and I WILL use Hillshire Farms, but for the last time!

So… Why does Hillshire farms suck so much? Here’s the ingredients:


I swear this is the LAST time I will buy this product. I wish I could afford the REAL locally made kielbasa!

Kielbasa Corn Chowder

I live near the kielbasa capital of my area in North Eastern PA since we have a kielbasa festival every August, but I have been using big name store bought kielbasa but that may change in the future.


1 Ring or more Kielbasa.  Use Fresh made Local if you can.

1 and1/2 Cup diced Onion

1 and 1/2 Cup thin sliced Celery

5 Cups Corn Fresh off the cob is best Or use 24 oz frozen corn)

5 Cups Yukon Gold Potatoes cut in 1/2 ” dice (They cook up firmer, hold their shape)

6 Cups Chicken Broth (I use water and Better Than Bullion Chicken)

2 Cups Whipping Cream

4 cloves Garlic minced

4 TB Butter

5 TB Flour

1 Tsp Salt

1/2  tsp Pepper

1 tsp Seasoned Salt

Quarter the kielbasa lengthwise and cut in thin slices, brown in a skillet, (or better yet roast it in the oven at 400 degrees until browned, stirring often), and add to the broth in the pot or crock pot.

Saute onion and celery until softened, then add that, also the corn and diced potatoes and season to your likeness. Cook until potatoes are tender.

Add the whipping cream and heat up before making the butter rue and stirring it in to thicken the broth.  


This recipe is so good that the soup was one of the few to sell out at the soup sale! I made the soup 1 or 2 days before selling it, so the flavors could ripen.

NOTE: Don’t be afraid to substitute lactose-free milk or non dairy milks like Almond, soy or Coconut Milk.

Corn Kernel Cutter

I make a double batch  of Kielbasa Corn Chowder about twice a year for the local methodist Church Soup Sale. The one this month gets fresh corn I cut off the cob myself with my Pampered Chef Corn kernel Cutter. This is no lie, I can cut the kernels off 2 dozen ears of corn in approximately 10 minutes!



Two dozen ears of corn (26 in all) gave me a gallon freezer bag full, or over 12 cups for my soup. I’ll post the recipe later.