I am reading THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG by Muriel Barbery. Translated from French (c) 2006. It’s interesting reading about the inhabitants of this Ritzy French hotel. From the genius 12 year old girl who’s contemplated committing suicide at age 13, the the eccentric lady concierge who befriends her (and hopefully stops her), to all the other interesting characters. Yes it’s filled with pretentious words but I guess it can’t be helped.

The elegance of the hedgehog


KAROLINA’S TWINS by Ronald H. Balson

KAROLINA’S TWINS by Ronald H. Balson, (c) 2016. This very interesting novel takes place in the present with flashbacks to the holocaust and the Polish Resistance Army.

Lena Woodward, hires a lawyer named Catherine Lockhart and her private investigator partner to find her friend Karolina’s twins whom she promised to find many decades ago. Lena is met with the Resistance of her son Author who doesn’t want her to find the girls for reasons of his own, which may have to do with his inheritance.

I do recommend this book, and the writing is well done.

ON SECOND THOUGHT by Kristin Higgins

ON SECOND THOUGHT a novel by Kristin Higgins (c) 2017. Did you ever read a novel and you swore you read it once before? Well that’s what’s going on with this one. It involves two sisters Kate and Ainsley O’Leary. Kate is an older bride at age 39 and her husband drops dead 4 months after they get married. She might be pregnant and her husband has a secret from the past ready to intrude on Kate’s grieving period. Is it an illegitimate child as I suspect it to be?

Meanwhile Ainsley has been living with her boyfriend  Eric for 10 years and he’s just beat testicular cancer and I have a feeling that engagement ring in his underwear drawer is for some other woman not Ainsley! See what I mean? Why does it sound so damn familiar?

Library Book Sales

I went to my favorite library book sale Friday evening with my cousins. My other cousin gave us a few free tickets for the early bird sale. We usually go Saturday morning, bright and early, but we were very happy to use those $10.00 tickets! I came home with my favorite TRADE Paperbacks, 14 of them, plus a half dozen regular paperbacks all for $18.00! I already had a bag of paperbacks given to me by my sister and a dozen I bought a flea markets, so I have a nice supply of books. On top of that, if I have the $10.00 saved at the end of this week I can return for the Bag and Box sale on Saturday. I love reading used books because I usually eat all my meals and even cook while I read, with the book propped up on my trusty BOOK CHAIR and I get food stains all over them. Okay so I’m an avid reader, what can I say?

Book in Chair

No Thank You’s…No Manners…

I’m 59 years old, and my daughter is 35, my son 25. I raised my kids to send thank you notes when they received a gift or were even handed something by someone as in a meal or opening a door for them, but other people my age and my children’s age do not do that. I just gave the mother that EMMA nameplate. True it was a month late, but does that mean they can’t say Thank You? I also gave her the baby shower gift a whole year late but that’s too unusual for a FRAKTUR birth announcement. I admit I farted around and didn’t finish it right away. I wasn’t even sure I like it with little monkey’s instead of bears in the illustrations, but it turned out nice enough. So there, I gave it 5 weeks ago and got no Thank You. Well I’ll tell you I am NOT giving that family any more gifts.

On Being Politically Correct…

My daughter often corrects me on Facebook when I post something that isn’t politically correct, usually associated with some news app. You see she’s a teacher and so is her husband and if they are NOT PC they can get in trouble with their jobs and my daughter always was that way anyway. I on the other hand tend to blurt out whatever thought is running through my head.  Sometimes I feel like SHE is my mommy.. and I’m a little freaking child..  UGH! Now being publicly corrected by my daughter sucks big wang  if you know what I mean in my own unpolitctally correct manner!

I don’t need to be corrected dammit! Let me express myself! I am a flawed human being! So what! So is everyone else!