That Brown Bottle of Lysol from Dr. Dad

Yesterday I was doing some gardening and I managed to get tiny hairline cuts on the tops of my fingers. There was Miracle Grow soil embedded deeply in the cuts and I couldn’t get it our with the nail brush! Yes it hurt to scrub a few tiny cuts, but I’m a tough old gal! So I went to bed with dirt in my cuts and woke up with all of them red and looking like infection might be setting in. So after my husband left for work I got out my brown bottle of Lysol- (yes the same one my dad used to disinfect our cuts when we were growing up), and I added 1/4 tsp to a cup and a half of warm water. Then I soaked my hands for 10 minutes in the cloudy pink water. Then I scrubbed the cuts again with an old toothbrush in the Lysol water before dumping the stuff down the drain. Yes just a 10 minute soak and I see a great improvement in healing 2 hours later. I will have to repeat this process again later in the day. I swear it helps, it always has and always will.