KRUSTEAZ Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix (product rating)

I made this coffee cake/muffin mix the other day, and I admit to leaving them cool completely in the cupcake pans. I had placed the batter in the oil sprayed aluminum cupcake liners I had on hand. Then I portioned out 12 muffins. Since I baked them in my temperamental electric oven which might have gotten too hot they got a little dry and crispy on the outside, but I placed them in a cake pan with a lid and refrigerated them until they were served the next day at our weekly Tea Party and Dominoes. Here’s my take on the flavor: BITTERNESS in every bite from the baking powder in the mix, and a dry texture, due to no fat added while making it. I really didn’t like it. Last year I was given an old waffle maker and I bought some KRUSTEAZ Waffle Mix and it too had the BITTER taste in every bite. I ended up throwing the rest of the mix out! Seriously, I hated it that much! The one good thing about the recipe was the nice amount of pre-made streusel mix they supplied, if only the cakes were MOISTER and less bitter I would have enjoyed them! I would not buy this mix or make it again.

On the other hand their KRUSTEAZ Lemon Bar mix was tolerable! It wasn’t as good as my homemade lemon bars which have a thicker, more buttery crust, but I did enjoy them with my tea.