Creativity is a GRAND THING!

I’m still working on my Emma nameplate. Want to see the progress? I admit I’m having fun with it. I didn’t give the careful pencil work to all the bears I’m afraid to say. By the way I have been a FRAKTUR illustrator for 23 years now since 1995 or ’96. I gave away my first Fraktur Birth Announcement of this year on Saturday! The baby girl was born last February and I never got the piece finished and framed until the day I gave it away although I started it in Nov. of 2016! I just didn’t feel creative at the time. It has monkey characters in it. I never did a monkey one before and I didn’t like it, so I kept putting off finishing it! I was so bad.. but she got it finally and I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it away! Oh well here’s my second piece I am making for the baby girl’s belated birthday! I gave the shower gift on the same day as the birthday party and they didn’t GUSH over it.. Perhaps they weren’t impressed with the lateness of it. Nowadays young people don’t know how to THANK people when they get gifts! I’ll be truly surprised to get a thank you card in the mail! But that’s just all ego expecting a thank you! Regardless I will give the family this nameplate! I’m feeling good about it…


EMMA Nameplate 2

Emma Kioske's BC 3


I was so very upset when the acrylic inks made the Acurit pen inks run! I tried doctoring it up… It turned the name so dark! It should be more colorful! So I added glitter ink.  I have much more painting to do and I have to be careful not to get the lettering wet so it runs even more.. ugh! I don’t approve of all my drawings. The mother bear and the reading bears could have been nicer if I had spent more time with them.

Here an earlier verson of a nameplate I did many years ago!

Emily cr re 4

I used the same basic design from a different angle..


I’m an Artist

I’m an artist… maybe you can tell from my profile picture? That pink Rugosa Rose? Well I admit to having dried up in the creativity department I have artwork I started a year ago I need to finish and give to the person already! I should be ashamed of myself! I even bought 10 huge sheets of hot pressed watercolor paper that I cut into 4 large sheets each! So, I have 40 pieces of paper waiting to be drawn and painted on! I need to FOCUS on my artwork in January!

Focus Card reduced no sig