Facebook Sucks Big Wang!

Need I say more? It makes people angry! It causes problems. I hate the news apps that start disagreements. I hate the way people get so freaking offended at what I say. They don’t get my point. My best bet is to stop voicing my opinion which isn’t very important. YOUR opinion isn’t important either by the way, in case you didn’t know that by now!

Library Book Sales

I went to my favorite library book sale Friday evening with my cousins. My other cousin gave us a few free tickets for the early bird sale. We usually go Saturday morning, bright and early, but we were very happy to use those $10.00 tickets! I came home with my favorite TRADE Paperbacks, 14 of them, plus a half dozen regular paperbacks all for $18.00! I already had a bag of paperbacks given to me by my sister and a dozen I bought a flea markets, so I have a nice supply of books. On top of that, if I have the $10.00 saved at the end of this week I can return for the Bag and Box sale on Saturday. I love reading used books because I usually eat all my meals and even cook while I read, with the book propped up on my trusty BOOK CHAIR and I get food stains all over them. Okay so I’m an avid reader, what can I say?

Book in Chair

Groundhog Day! Ugh!

Happy Groundhog Day! The University of Manchester Museum explores the origin of this annual winter tradition, which has its roots in European folklore

via Groundhog Day — Discover

AS SOMEONE WHO LIVES IN PENNSYLVANIA.. I find that Groundhog Day is NOT very good for the old Groundhog! My cousin probably blew away over a dozen groundhogs on his property because they eat his garden vegetables. I think life sucks for the poor caged overweight varmint too!

The Pot Calling…

My dear daughter complains about me being online when I visit, and not playing with my grandchildren during their awake periods. Funny when she was a kid she often played alone when I was busy.  Well it’s funny when I see her sitting on the sectional with her iphone in hand, her eyes glued to the screen as her own kids watch TV beside her.  So it’s just the Pot calling the kettle black. Then her daughter, my granddaughter is always glued to some screen during the day if she can get away with it. Are we all obsessed with this bombardment of information and music and movies?

What Does the Future Hold?

I personally don’t look very far into the future, besides keeping up on our doctor and dentist appointments and saving cash for a wedding gift the end of October. I admit we are both scared about the Renal appointments and the money everything will cost in dealing with my husband’s CKD, stage 4 severe.

I have to cook low sodium, low, potassium and low phosphorus dishes. So I go to Fresnesius website where our Renal doc is located and use the recipes there plus on Davita website, just trying to keep him healthy and ward off the dialysis as long as possible.

Hairy Centipede

I found a Hairy Centipede in my daughter’s sink in southern PA. I was going to wash it down the drain but then I remembered that they are a helpful insect… (are they really an insect?). Hairy Centipede’s eat silverfish and other household pests so I picked it up in a piece of paper towel and threw him outside where he crawled away to safety.