What Does the Future Hold?

I personally don’t look very far into the future, besides keeping up on our doctor and dentist appointments and saving cash for a wedding gift the end of October. I admit we are both scared about the Renal appointments and the money everything will cost in dealing with my husband’s CKD, stage 4 severe.

I have to cook low sodium, low, potassium and low phosphorus dishes. So I go to Fresnesius website where our Renal doc is located and use the recipes there plus on Davita website, just trying to keep him healthy and ward off the dialysis as long as possible.


Hairy Centipede

I found a Hairy Centipede in my daughter’s sink in southern PA. I was going to wash it down the drain but then I remembered that they are a helpful insect… (are they really an insect?). Hairy Centipede’s eat silverfish and other household pests so I picked it up in a piece of paper towel and threw him outside where he crawled away to safety.

Japanese Soap Operas?

I recently got hooked on a Japanese Soap opera filmed in Singapore and Australia called THE DREAM JOB English captioned and shown on Netflix.  I haven’t watched a soap opera in years mind you, but I find myself watching at least 2 episodes a day.  Sometimes you’ll see some bad acting.. but you must overlook that to see how they live in Japan, even after the Fukushima meltdown. The characters seem somewhat passionless in the bedroom scenes, due I suppose to their discreetness. The most I’ve seen was two people talking in bed with their bare shoulders and arms showing. No passionate kissing scenes either like we have here. Maybe, just maybe they have more restraint and class than we do? Maybe not, maybe they hide it well… LOL. Here’s the original uncaptioned peek view.



Unusual Posts.. by Me

I sometimes post about unusual subject matters that the close minded crowd won’t like. I’m a super curious, woman with a wild imagination.  I like to explore (read about) the unknown even if it scares me sometimes. Like about reincarnation, meditation, angels.. oddities I read about online and in here. Yes I read about aliens and conspiracy theories.  So does that make me weird?  Well that’s too bad, go read someone else’s posts! Then I walk away feeling funny about myself. “What will my readers think?”  Do I have many readers anyway? NO! So who cares? Why do I care anyway? Why am I so insecure? I just need to express my thoughts no matter how off your wall they may be! HA!

Try Living in the Present Moment

I am 58 years old now and many years ago I decided I to live in the present moment. It helped me overcome my mild depression. I don’t sit around allowing myself to get depressed about past events. But it makes it hard for me to remember names of people and details of what happened in the past, then I panic and wonder if I’m getting dementia or something. Am I okay if my mind goes blank when I can’t remember your name although I know that I know you from the past? Am I okay? Oh well.. no use panicking about it.. Life goes on eh?

I Am a Jangleresse

I LOVE old English words. I remember reading the Canterbury tales in senior high school and Miss Purcell had us all take a try at reading some of a poem. I got a real kick out of it! I never forgot that time. So when I created this blog I gave it a nice “Middle English name. At first I called it ‘The Jangleresse’ but later changed it to ‘Alderbest’ which means “Best of All”. I planned on sharing my BEST thoughts, which I haven’t done very often it seems!   Here’s a website where I go sometimes, but this was not the one I used at first, I would have to search for it again.