The Video the Internet Doesn’t Want You To See!

Please watch this movie! It is VERY important!


BUTTER … The Movie

Have you seen this movie on Netflix yet? You might think it’s appropriate for kids because there a kid in it but it is NOT! There’s a stripper/hooker with sex in a car and lesbian making out with the teen-aged daughter in her bedroom. So please don’t take your innocent children to see it if there are any of those left in this world. I’m not a prude by any means but I’m just saying what looks like a nice family movie is very much an adult movie.

THE KEEPING ROOM- Netflix movie

THE KEEPING ROOM  is an excellent Civil War era movie about three strong women and how they cope with violence form a couple of Yankees who went crazy on the women and town. It’s nice to see a movie about strong women. I highly recommend watching it. Some violence.. oh heck a lot of violence, but it was during a war. The one male actor starred in that  good western movie JANE GOT A GUN starring Natalie Portman, which was also excellent, although violent to watch.