“You have High Cholesterol!”

I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol last month. My triglycerides were 320 and considering 150 is normal something has to be done.  I wasn’t going to take the cholesterol meds and opted to change my diet first before trying any medication, but I wasn’t good at following the diet, so a week later I went to my patient portal and messaged a request for the medicine. Especially after considering heart blockages are the norm in dad’s family and bypass surgery has been done on dad’s 4 siblings. Dad has gotten away without the surgery. He takes his cholesterol meds and downs 2 TB of flax meal mixed with some 1/2 and 1/2 everyday! Doesn’t that sound horribly throat clogging? I suppose I should do the same with the flax meal it seems to have helped him a lot but it gives horrible gas! Ugh! So I need to cook a Mediterranean diet for my husband’s Chronic Kidney Disease, and I eat the same food usually, so that helps too I hope. I go back for blood tests in December to see if this helps.


Overwhelmed by Husband’s CKD Diagnosis

I just watched a DVD we were given from the Fresenius Kidney Care website  https://www.freseniuskidneycare.com/ It’s bad enough my husband needs surgery to make his vein larger to hold the large dialysis needle, but it mentions a payment plan? We are already living week to week, and he will have more and more medical tests and their bills, and once dialysis starts that will also add up. Because of my own job history and more recent Pelvic Organ Prolapses I haven’t worked full time in many years. I admit I’m worried. The doc wants him on a transplant list right away because it often takes 6 years to get one.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Anyone?

My husband was recently diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Saturday he had a new set of blood tests and kidney ultrasound. Tomorrow we go see the Renal doc. I have already been using the CKD diet for him, cooking many special low sodium, low fat, low potassium recipes from the DiVita website. I have even been making low sodium bread and hamburger rolls the last month. I have some lo-so bread dough rising in the fridge right now which comprises of using 1/4 tsp salt in a loaf of bread versus 1 tsp, and using half the amount of yeast and adding olive oil instead of any other fat. I add 3 TB Extra Virgin olive oil to each loaf of bread instead of the usual 1 Tb because you need the extra fat to make the bread softer longer.  The Renal Doc said to switch to Olive Oil and all I had was Organic Extra Virgin, I bought it at Walmart Great Value brand. I’d rather use classical if it’s on sale I will next time. I’ve also gone back to a more stringent low sodium diet than I have been using in the past for his HBP. Low sodium pizza is awful if you ask me, but I make it. I also make low sodium spaghetti sauce and he uses less sauce on the pasta.

Honestly I accidentally used the same amount of yeast I would use in my regular bread dough. I was making it from memory not the written recipe. I hope it doesn’t rise too fast or taste too different.

Lymph Gland Drainage Massage

Have you ever had swollen glands under your ear or jawline when you get sick? I ofen have that problem when fighting an infection such as an illness or even a mouth sore. For instance, right now my gum is swollen and sore near my wisdom tooth and the gland under my earlobe where my jaw opens is enlarged and tender to the touch and when I move my head. Our lymph glands are very important in keeping us well.

Last year I developed an unusual problem with swollen and tender lymph glands under my arms and in my breasts. I ended up panicking about breast cancer, since my breasts were feeling inflamed which causes hot flashes and the glands were giving me pain and they have a permanent inner flushed look. So I ended up having breast ultrasounds, Mammo, blood tests. Everything came back normal the doctor said “You’re fine!”  So I figure I have a “condition” to live with. My sister told me about Lymph gland drainage massage on YouTube and since then I massaged until the symptoms went away- well almost. Since then I have milder flare ups. I’ve been experiencing hot flashes again and I attributed it to Post menopause. Now I believe it’s a flare up of my lymph gland condition.  So I have begun to massage myself again but I need to brush up on the drainage techniques. Here I will post a few fro YouTube.

Lymph gland drainage works well for people with allergies and sinus infections also. I of course must massage my armpits and breasts like I did in the past.  Actually a whole body Lymph Gland Drainage massage might even be better, but I certainly can’t afford that, or be bothered to massage myself that much.