Squirrels Eat Green Tomatoes!

I am sooo pissed off! Besides the fact that my 2 beautiful healthy tomato plants got some horrible fast moving blight, I found a squirrel bounding away from my deck and then I noticed some chewed on green tomatoes in front of the EarthBox and one on the ground in front of the steps!

I also have a porcupine under my deck. I had a whole passel of 8 tomatoes stolen from the bushes. I have been cutting off the blighted leaves and it actually caused the blight to spread even faster, in one day to be exact, and the rain hasn’t helped none!  This morning a whole branch of the tomato was bent over and hanging down to the deck! What do I need a varmint fence for my tomatoes now?


Blighted Patio Tomatoes

My patio tomatoes are loaded with green fruit, but the leaves are blighted. I keep cutting the leaves off and throwing them out, my husband is going to kill me when he sees all the leaves I cut off of “his” tomatoes! (Well they are planted in MY EarthBoxes aren’t they?) Soon I’ll have 2 very large tomato plants with no leaves, but tons of beautiful fruit. Will not having many leaves hurt the fruit?