I recently posted a recipe using Hatfield Polska Kielbasa. Well I made a HUGE mistake! I had bought HILLSHIRE FARMS Polska Kielbasa and must have done the same last time I made it because I was thrilled to be getting 2 and 1/2 Lbs of kielbasa for about $9.00!. So I wrote the wrong brand in my Kielbasa Corn Chowder recipe. and I’ll have to fix that later.¬† But meanwhile today is the day I make my soup for the soup sale and I WILL use Hillshire Farms, but for the last time!

So… Why does Hillshire farms suck so much? Here’s the ingredients:


I swear this is the LAST time I will buy this product. I wish I could afford the REAL locally made kielbasa!


Soups On!

I have a crock pot of chicken broth coming up to a simmer. I used 2 Walmart rotisserie carcasses, 3 TB of Better Than Bouillon Chicken broth base, some onion, carrot, celery and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Now I’ll get my shower, toddle off to work and while I’m gone it will simmer away. When I get home a few hours later I will remove everything from the pot and strain the broth off. Then I’ll pick the chicken meat from the carcasses and probably eat the celery and carrots if they have any flavor left in them. Then I’ll pour the broth back in the pot and add a new batch of onions, celery and carrots, and when they cook up near tender I’ll add frozen veggies and let it cook another 1/2 hour until tender and add the chicken meat last. I’m omitting my usual pearl barley. I’ll add cooked angel hair pasta to the soup before I serve it. Sometimes I reheat the soup on the stove and cook one serving of the broken up pasta in the broth.

A Freaking Fly in My Soup!

I made a huge pot of soup with the ham bones from Easter supper. I had a great time cooking it in the crock pot. There had been an old fly in the house. The first one of the season, but I didn’t think anything of it, so I made my soup. Now later as I was ladling it out into glass bowls to cool I see a freaking fly in the broth in bottom of the crock pot! I was so pissed off! NO! I did not throw out 5 quarts of perfectly good soup! I removed the fly and I’m still going to eat it! (Am I bad? A true pig of sorts?) I just can’t throw it all out FGS! I see a fly on my bedroom window screen now! I must have had two flies.. I hate the damn things! (Don’t you?).

Purple Oatmeal

I’m supposed to be on a FATTY LIVER Diet, which starts out each day with a bowl of oatmeal every other day then eating one egg and a piece of buttered toast in between. Now that was a horrible 800 calorie diet my cousin was on due to her extreme obesity. I found it unreasonable! I need more calories to survive. But I know I eat too much fat so I started eating oatmeal 5-6 days a week and having two eggs and a slice of toast or even a diner breakfast once in a while including eggs, sausage, bacon or scrapple and home-fries and toast. Anyone on an 800 calorie diet has to be staving all the time, right? it’s CRAZY!

Yet with my IBS I found myself feeling bloated form the oatmeal I was making, which I know is very high in carbs. Here’s the recipe I was using:

1/2 Cup Quick Oats

1/2 cup milk,

1/2 Cup Water

dash salt

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Dried  or Fresh Fruit (optional)

So I cooked all that for a few minutes and it was quite creamy with the added milk. Then I added a TB honey and a little milk on top to eat it. I added 1/2 cup thawed frozen Maine blueberries once but it was too sour. I then decided to just eat the berries separately after I added 1 level tsp table sugar.

Today I cut back the oats to 1/3 cup and added almost 1 cup water, the cinnamon and salt then I added the sugared berries into the oatmeal at the end of the cooking along with 2 tsp honey, and it was a bowl of purple deliciousness! I highly recommend it! I don’t feel bloated since I didn’t add the extra milk to the recipe., and it was just too big a serving before. Tomorrow I may try not sugaring the fruit! LOL