Miss Eliza, the Unhappy Mrs.?

After Eliza was forced to marry John Melvin French they went on to have a not so happy marriage. I suppose they weren’t even in love when they married, since Eliza obviously loved her first suitor Thomas Sprague.  Here is an old family tale told by Eliza’s daughter-in law Dorothy who married Eliza’s son Myron E. French:

John more commonly known as ‘Mell’ by family and friends was very frugal and begrudged Eliza money for things she needed on more than one occasion according to my grandma. One day an older Eliza got $20.00 to pay for some meat from the local butcher that Mell had ordered her to pick up, and when Grandma French saw all that money she took Eliza off to the store to buy petticoats, gloves and handkerchiefs of which she sorely needed but was never allowed to buy.  I imagine Mell was fit to be tied over that one and grandma was more than happy to pull one over on her father-in-law. Here is a photo of Eliza as a young wife. I have no idea what age she was.

Eliza Ann Sickler Older wife