It’s Been a While…

I am a seeker of knowledge that’s what I crave. I have been watching a large assortment of YouTube Videos on the Deep State and Illuminati and the alien situation. My main viewing is David Wilcock, Emery Smith, Corey Goode, Jimmy Church, and recently Dolores Cannon (God rest her soul). Ever since I was 13 I knew the Bible didn’t make much sense when it came to creation. I stopped going to church and Sunday school and my parents actually accepted my decision to stop which was surprising. Of course I do believe in one creator, but he/she/it also had evolution, DNA experimentation etc by aliens involved. Do I believe we are the result of Aliens creating us from DNA? Yeah I do, it makes sense. Whatever created the universe and the aliens also contributed to the DNA experiments that created us. By the way, my husband seems somewhat fearful when I talk about all this and he brushes it off as my weirdness. My son scoffs at me and tells me I’m crazy, but I don’t really care what they think. I’m not one of the herd! I go my own way on this. I feel sorry for them because when alien disclosure happens they will be caught unawares, I will not. I am calm about this, not some nut job.


Unusual Posts.. by Me

I sometimes post about unusual subject matters that the close minded crowd won’t like. I’m a super curious, woman with a wild imagination.  I like to explore (read about) the unknown even if it scares me sometimes. Like about reincarnation, meditation, angels.. oddities I read about online and in here. Yes I read about aliens and conspiracy theories.  So does that make me weird?  Well that’s too bad, go read someone else’s posts! Then I walk away feeling funny about myself. “What will my readers think?”  Do I have many readers anyway? NO! So who cares? Why do I care anyway? Why am I so insecure? I just need to express my thoughts no matter how off your wall they may be! HA!

Who Did It?

So I go to a local town-wide yard sale and pick up an art print painted by a New York area artist and teacher. It was one of 700 prints with 25 artists proofs. It was signed with a pencil but in broken cursive, not in block letters like on the print. There’s a “certificate of authenticity” glued to the back and the artwork was not completely attached to the matting. I could see the brown paper backing had come unglued some from a cheap plastic frame and it was freshly glued, so I thought I probably had me a forgery of some sort. So I looked the artist up and he’s an art teacher at R______  Art Institute. I tried contacting him through the institute and his website to see if it is authentic. I wonder if I will get an answer? But I must stress that it looks like a top quality watercolor print and it’s on 100% cotton rag HP watercolor paper too! I know! I’m a watercolor folk artist and use the same kind paper only I use unbleached paper!

NOTE: YES! I got an answer, in fact I got a few very short ones, he used very few words oddly enough…  but I found out he didn’t paint it!  (Or so he said anyway). I told him “Someone must be making money from your name!” I showed him the certificate of authenticity with his name on it and a scanned portion of the artwork with his signature in attachments.  I sent the Master printer’s website and the E-Bay website that showed even MORE of his work being auctioned off. Who knows he probably thought I was some freak bothering him, and maybe I am eccentric  (What’s wrong with that I ask? Ha!). Then I e-mailed him back and told him about a local lithographer who many artists use in my area and on the east coast. I have a feeling he DID paint that period piece picture! The other ones on E-Bay were a similar painting style. The Master-printer’s name  was David Adamson , and he seems to be some bigwig in New York City.

The Bible as Historical Record

In apologetics, one mistake beginners tend to make is to start by quoting scripture. Now don’t get me wrong, the scripture is awesome and life changing, but what if the person does not believe the Bible is God’s word? What if they believe it is unreliable and full of mistakes and issues? Quoting scripture to […]

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Bigfoot, Giants with Double Rows of Teeth…

I’m open minded that’s true, but not so bad my brain fell out!  Yes I want to believe in Bigfoot and ancient giants on this earth with double rows of teeth!  There’s so many mysteries on this earth, who are we to blow it all off as hysterics? People KNOW what they’ve seen. Aliens.. yes, of course they probably exist but that doesn’t make me crazy. Let’s just say I’m interested in EVERYTHING on earth! I want to learn all about everything interesting. Yes I do have a vivid imagination, that’s why I think all things are possible in one way or another.