RAPA Beef Scrapple

I bought some RAPA Beef Scrapple today at Walmart for a mere $1.85. That’s pretty cheap for a pound of breakfast meat isn’t it? I saved 79 cents. The thing is I thought there was only Pork Scrapple. RAPA makes Beef, Turkey and their Regular (pork) scrapple. So WHY was it discounted so much?  Will it taste horrible or what? Maybe it will taste  weird after eating the pork version all my life. I’ll have to let you know tomorrow.

NOTE: I cut the brick of scrapple into 8 (nearly) equal 110 calorie pieces, then coated them with flour before frying a nice dark brown in a very small amount of canola oil in a cast iron skillet. You have to eat 2 slices to get 8 grams of protein. I admit it wasn’t that bad! Didn’t taste like pork scrapple but somewhat similar in the mouth texture-wise.  I ate one piece with one egg and a piece of buttered homemade toast.  So it may have been a fattening breakfast with the butter on the toast, the oil in the pan and the egg, but I figure I had enough protein. Sometimes I like to eat for enjoyment’s sake. They actually have 5 other varieties beside the regular pork scrapple: Beef and Turkey as I mentioned, Bacon, Chilie Chipotle, and Greensboro in a green package is a combination of beef and pork.

Here’s their link:

Beef Scrapple