Our Love/Hate Relationship

I have a sister two years older than me.  My sister turns 60 and I turn 58 next month.  We also have two sisters who are younger than us. When I was born my older sister began to hate me, probably because I got all the attention and we all know how a two-year old can have temper tantrums for attention! As we got older she did mean things to me. I remember her sitting on my stomach and hitting my head on the floor as a preschooler! When we were teenagers she was even meaner, calling me names and making me cry in front of her friends, she even did it in the halls at high school! Then she’s call me “Ruder Yips”  and then laugh at me because my bottom lip stuck out a lot when she made me upset or I’d cry. We had cat fights at home when I got older, I was so sick of her crap! and when I tried to kick her in self-defense she’d call me a Jack Ass! She was one tough cookie and had cat fights with our cousin who was her best friend in high school right out in the street when they got off the school bus once. Okay, she was a bully!  Alright I admit it!  I was so happy when she got married at age 18 and moved out! NO I was NOT in the wedding party, HIS sisters were but not her own! And she wasn’t in mine either. For decades we weren’t very close until we were in our 30’s and started visiting our parents once a week. All four girls had children and didn’t have to work, so we made sure to visit with the kids all years round. Eventually I forgave my sister and we even love each other, but she can be a real ASS sometimes especially since we got on Facebook where she tries to prove me wrong when I post something on my timeline. Now I never do that to her! Out of respect for her, knowing her husband’s family and her friends read her timeline posts. So why the hell does she do it me? Bitch! So I had to privately tell her off this morning. She’ll apologize, she always does, but still and all maybe I need to  block her from seeing my posts before I post them? I know she had the PMS thing in the past but she’s post menopausal now. She must have had it!,  where it makes you super touchy and angry all the time as a hormonal woman. Anyway here I am complaining about her. I LOVE MY SISTER, I do! We sisters all know she’s a little crazy! Her husband drives her crazy, but I’m the one person she takes it out on the most. Sometimes she takes offense at what our younger sisters say but not often.


Walmart Chicken Breasts…

I bought a 5 and 3/4 LB package of chicken breasts and only one of the seven was a complete breast. The rest of them were just the top half of the breast. The tender and the part that would have been connected to the ribs were missing.What is going on here?