ON SECOND THOUGHT by Kristin Higgins

ON SECOND THOUGHT a novel by Kristin Higgins (c) 2017. Did you ever read a novel and you swore you read it once before? Well that’s what’s going on with this one. It involves two sisters Kate and Ainsley O’Leary. Kate is an older bride at age 39 and her husband drops dead 4 months after they get married. She might be pregnant and her husband has a secret from the past ready to intrude on Kate’s grieving period. Is it an illegitimate child as I suspect it to be?

Meanwhile Ainsley has been living with her boyfriend  Eric for 10 years and he’s just beat testicular cancer and I have a feeling that engagement ring in his underwear drawer is for some other woman not Ainsley! See what I mean? Why does it sound so damn familiar?



“Books I’ve Enjoyed” is no More.. It’s Gone!

I just deleted my Book Reader Blog. I don’t post as often even though I read 2 books a week on average. From now on I’ll post them in ALDERBEST. I just got tired of maintaining 4 Blogs! Now I have two here and a recipe blog somewhere else.

ONLY LOVE IS REAL by Brian L. Weiss, M. D.

Remember this Carol King song? I graduated in 1976, loved the Tapestry album.

I’ve believed in reincarnation for many years, so I really enjoyed this true story of reincarnated souls who share lifetimes and reincarnate together as couples, friends and family members.  I just finished reading this book about REAL reincarnation and a few souls who reincarnated in the present (meaning when this book was written and published in (c) 1997/2000).

I know I lived at least three previous lifetimes. Once as a scholar in Greece I was a male teacher in an outdoors school and I had a close friendship with a fellow teacher. We were best of friends. Were we gay lovers? It never got that far in the day vision I had,  I just knew I loved and felt great affection for this man as we watched over some students in the background.

In another vision I was a lowly female servant in a castle, maybe in Ireland or Great Brittan somewhere. I’ve often felt like a servant during my lifetime. I worked as a home health Aid and certainly that was a servants job in many ways. I just remember the rough clothing I wore in the possible middle ages and the dark, cold castle I called home.

My third intuitive knowing or feeling I was a beautiful, rich, selfish woman who treated my one true love horribly. I was a real bitch to all who knew me. I spurned him and never married him. I had an unhappy life. I recently read this book on reincarnation and it reminded me of what I’ve known for a long time now, Only love is real….