SPIRIT MOON by William Sarabande

SPIRIT MOON by William Sarabande (c) 2000. Do you know of this writer? He writes of Early Americans and other early civilizations. There are several writers of this genre which I used to read all the time until I got sick of it. Now I pick one up every now and then but they are usually printed with tiny fonts and have many pages, these “Cave man sagas” as I call them. This one is really about several different Native tribes in North Amercia. One tribe being the Inuits or Eskimos. The main characters are Mowea’qua a young healer woman of the OLD TRIBE who is much hated by the others and her side kick Masquash a 6 year old son of a shaman who runs away with Mowea’qua to save her life. Then Ne’gauni a one legged future shaman who loves her. There are other important characters of course. If you like this type of novel give it a try. I just wish it came in large type for these old eyes.


Here is where the story takes place:

Spirit Moon Map2000

Will I get in trouble for posting the map? I hope not, it may encourage people to read Sarabande’s book.




COME SUNDOWN by Nora Roberts

COME SUNDOWN by Nora Roberts, (c) 2017. This is the first Nora Roberts book I’ve ever read I think… I guess this means I’ll be reading more…  This is the story of the Longbow family who run a working ranch and resort in Montana. Everyone seems to work at the ranch, the grandma’s and all their offspring. Bodine Logbow is the young woman in charge. But not far away Bodine’s aunt Alice is being held captive by an insane man for the last 25 years, who beats and rapes her quite often, he calls her Esther and she calls him Sir. She’s birthed him children and he kept the boy but I wonder what happens to the infant girls? He’s giving them away or killing them I suppose. Well one day Alice gets free, and ends up by the side of the road not far from the ranch but she’s quite insane by now. So she’s taken to the hospital where her identity is found. Now the family is dealing with her health and mental problems. It proves to be in interesting story as Alice’s sister Maureen and her three grown children run the ranch and fall in love.

I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Corimer

I Am the Cheese

I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Corimer, (c) 1977. I was 18 years old when this book was printed. It’s not written with adults in mind, but I enjoy books written for teenagers at times. This one was written for reading level 5.6 so it’s more like 5th grade level, but that’s okay I’ll read it anyway.

This story is about a boy running away to visit his father. He’s taken off on his bike riding from Monument, Massachusetts to Rutterburg, Vermont where he plans to take a Greyhound bus to Montreal, Canada. So in between the chapters of the story of his trip is a chapter where he seems to be getting therapy in some kind of a mental institution or psychiatrists office. It’s interesting to say the least! I shall read the whole book.. won’t take long I’m sure!