I take great interest in what’s going on in this world. I’m a curious old girl. I’m just an old grandma who loves to read and express my thoughts. I’ve always been a little quirky, a precocious child, talking in sentences at 18 months old I’m told. I’m interested in many subjects. It’s important to always learn new things everyday. The internet allows me to do that, I just don’t always know how well researched something is, or even if it’s all fake sometimes.  Besides reading I am an artist, I used to make soap until it got too expensive, and I do genealogy research. My new interest is Old English words and what they mean so I was reading them on a Chaucer’s Tales website and found some I loved as blog titles.

Here’s an explanation of my Blog title and description:

Old English definitions:

ALDERBEST means “Best of all.”

Soothfast- Truthful.

Fayn- Happy.

Enditynges- Writings.

Lowley- Humble.

Jangleresse- Chatterbox, female gossip.