No Thank You’s…No Manners…

I’m 59 years old, and my daughter is 35, my son 25. I raised my kids to send thank you notes when they received a gift or were even handed something by someone as in a meal or opening a door for them, but other people my age and my children’s age do not do that. I just gave the mother that EMMA nameplate. True it was a month late, but does that mean they can’t say Thank You? I also gave her the baby shower gift a whole year late but that’s too unusual for a FRAKTUR birth announcement. I admit I farted around and didn’t finish it right away. I wasn’t even sure I like it with little monkey’s instead of bears in the illustrations, but it turned out nice enough. So there, I gave it 5 weeks ago and got no Thank You. Well I’ll tell you I am NOT giving that family any more gifts.


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