Word of the day: VERKLEMPT.

I saw this word in a comment about a pit bull pup who was food driven and very full of himself.

The Best Internet Slang
verklempt- (Yiddish)

overcome with emotion; clenched; also written ferklempt


Perfectly Imperfect

Our bodies are very flawed as you know. One side of our body is not exactly like the other side. One nostril may be bigger than the other, one eye might be another color.  One eye may be bigger and or higher. One breast may be bigger than the other and usually is!

For instance I shower and put on deodorant everyday, yet if I did some sweaty heavy cleaning I notice the left armpit will stink and the other won’t. My left ear produces much more wax than the right which hardly produces any. My left breast is smaller than my right.  I have a small dimple in my right cheek but not in my left and my smile is not balanced out. One foot is 1/2 size larger than the other!

I’ve seen lots of flaws in other people. Some are more attractive than me, some less, and I consider myself rather plain to look at. I know I’m not the only imperfect human specimen out there in the world and it makes me feel better knowing we are all perfectly imperfect!

“You have High Cholesterol!”

I was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol last month. My triglycerides were 320 and considering 150 is normal something has to be done.  I wasn’t going to take the cholesterol meds and opted to change my diet first before trying any medication, but I wasn’t good at following the diet, so a week later I went to my patient portal and messaged a request for the medicine. Especially after considering heart blockages are the norm in dad’s family and bypass surgery has been done on dad’s 4 siblings. Dad has gotten away without the surgery. He takes his cholesterol meds and downs 2 TB of flax meal mixed with some 1/2 and 1/2 everyday! Doesn’t that sound horribly throat clogging? I suppose I should do the same with the flax meal it seems to have helped him a lot but it gives horrible gas! Ugh! So I need to cook a Mediterranean diet for my husband’s Chronic Kidney Disease, and I eat the same food usually, so that helps too I hope. I go back for blood tests in December to see if this helps.

SPIRIT MOON by William Sarabande

SPIRIT MOON by William Sarabande (c) 2000. Do you know of this writer? He writes of Early Americans and other early civilizations. There are several writers of this genre which I used to read all the time until I got sick of it. Now I pick one up every now and then but they are usually printed with tiny fonts and have many pages, these “Cave man sagas” as I call them. This one is really about several different Native tribes in North Amercia. One tribe being the Inuits or Eskimos. The main characters are Mowea’qua a young healer woman of the OLD TRIBE who is much hated by the others and her side kick Masquash a 6 year old son of a shaman who runs away with Mowea’qua to save her life. Then Ne’gauni a one legged future shaman who loves her. There are other important characters of course. If you like this type of novel give it a try. I just wish it came in large type for these old eyes.


Here is where the story takes place:

Spirit Moon Map2000

Will I get in trouble for posting the map? I hope not, it may encourage people to read Sarabande’s book.