I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Corimer

I Am the Cheese

I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Corimer, (c) 1977. I was 18 years old when this book was printed. It’s not written with adults in mind, but I enjoy books written for teenagers at times. This one was written for reading level 5.6 so it’s more like 5th grade level, but that’s okay I’ll read it anyway.

This story is about a boy running away to visit his father. He’s taken off on his bike riding from Monument, Massachusetts to Rutterburg, Vermont where he plans to take a Greyhound bus to Montreal, Canada. So in between the chapters of the story of his trip is a chapter where he seems to be getting therapy in some kind of a mental institution or psychiatrists office. It’s interesting to say the least! I shall read the whole book.. won’t take long I’m sure!


I need to write a letter…

Last December I acted like a fool! I Really, Really regret it too! If I had only kept my big mouth shut! I more or less told my aunt off in a short note and two letters for giving me the cold shoulder for over 20 years! Aunt C married my dad’s younger brother. Now her son won’t really talk to me. I suppose I upset his mom…  Does he even realize she gave me the cold shoulder for about 30 years? I must have hurt her feeling horribly and offended her a lot to have her treat me that way, yet refuse to tell me what I did to upset her!

Now I want to sincerely apologize to her for the way I acted but I fear it will make things worse. You see she has one more reason to be hurt and offended by me. I think she needs to apologize to ME for giving me the cold shoulder all these years and not telling me why! She did the same thing to my wonderful caring mother!

Anyway I wanted to heal things between us, but her depth of hurt goes way too deep to forgive anyone. It’s not all about her. She hurt me and mom and several other people she gives the cold shoulder to. Anyone who hurt her feelings gets ignored by her.. it never ends…