CKD Sucks!

So we had my husband’s second Renal Doc. visit yesterday after his kidney ultrasound and blood tests. It seems he’s dehydrated from taking two diuretics for his HBP so that fact plus his generic cholesterol med are causing painful reoccurring gout in both ankles and the med to get rid of it take weeks if not months to improve it. He’s not supposed to take ibuprofen for the gout pain because it worsens the kidney disease but it’s the only thing that allows him to walk at work.

We are feeling overwhelmed of course. He needs surgery on his arm to make a site for the catheter for dialysis which takes 2-3 months to heal.  The doc wants him on a kidney transplant list. How can we afford all this? I don’t know what the future holds but we’re just living one day or week or month at a time.. We were referred to this website for help. We’re a member of the website already but they claim he’s in stage 5 according to their questionnaire and the doc claims he is stage 4.


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