Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Anyone?

My husband was recently diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. Saturday he had a new set of blood tests and kidney ultrasound. Tomorrow we go see the Renal doc. I have already been using the CKD diet for him, cooking many special low sodium, low fat, low potassium recipes from the DiVita website. I have even been making low sodium bread and hamburger rolls the last month. I have some lo-so bread dough rising in the fridge right now which comprises of using 1/4 tsp salt in a loaf of bread versus 1 tsp, and using half the amount of yeast and adding olive oil instead of any other fat. I add 3 TB Extra Virgin olive oil to each loaf of bread instead of the usual 1 Tb because you need the extra fat to make the bread softer longer.  The Renal Doc said to switch to Olive Oil and all I had was Organic Extra Virgin, I bought it at Walmart Great Value brand. I’d rather use classical if it’s on sale I will next time. I’ve also gone back to a more stringent low sodium diet than I have been using in the past for his HBP. Low sodium pizza is awful if you ask me, but I make it. I also make low sodium spaghetti sauce and he uses less sauce on the pasta.

Honestly I accidentally used the same amount of yeast I would use in my regular bread dough. I was making it from memory not the written recipe. I hope it doesn’t rise too fast or taste too different.


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