A Freaking Fly in My Soup!

I made a huge pot of soup with the ham bones from Easter supper. I had a great time cooking it in the crock pot. There had been an old fly in the house. The first one of the season, but I didn’t think anything of it, so I made my soup. Now later as I was ladling it out into glass bowls to cool I see a freaking fly in the broth in bottom of the crock pot! I was so pissed off! NO! I did not throw out 5 quarts of perfectly good soup! I removed the fly and I’m still going to eat it! (Am I bad? A true pig of sorts?) I just can’t throw it all out FGS! I see a fly on my bedroom window screen now! I must have had two flies.. I hate the damn things! (Don’t you?).


Kindarted… hee hee

I used to have an e-mail address that started out kindarted@…… Etc. (Because I am an artist who often gave her artwork away), BUT I didn’t keep it very long because I can come across as bitchy sometimes. So I felt guilty for being an imposter, so I got rid of that handle.. LOL