He Died.. I was his wife a long time ago

My Ex-husband died last night. I hardly knew him now after all these years. He had moved down south. We got married in 1979 and divorced in 1985. Our daughter wanted information on his family for his funeral and obit and I had to look up information on his family on Family Search and Find a Grave websites.  That was a very interesting thing to do since I love genealogy. The poor man had a screwed up life after he left me, but he made all his own choices.



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THE KEEPING ROOM- Netflix movie

THE KEEPING ROOM  is an excellent Civil War era movie about three strong women and how they cope with violence form a couple of Yankees who went crazy on the women and town. It’s nice to see a movie about strong women. I highly recommend watching it. Some violence.. oh heck a lot of violence, but it was during a war. The one male actor starred in that  good western movie JANE GOT A GUN starring Natalie Portman, which was also excellent, although violent to watch.