As I Was Saying…

Sometimes it’s necessary to e-mail a blogger and beg to have your comment deleted…  I know I was just being myself with my comments, like I’m in some freaking private chat room! Blogging is not chatting exactly! I know EVERY SINGLE WORD I’VE PUBLISHED ONLINE WILL BE OUT THERE FOREVER. Where it’s stored I don’t know.. But I have rued the day I opened my mouth more times than I can count! I’m a Sagittarius after all! I’m opinionated, rather blunt and totally honest! I have even been called a “Genuine” person at one time. Meaning my intentions are genuine? Hmm But I have a self esteem problem you know? Why can’t I just say my piece and be done with it? It’s in the past already! What do I care what you readers think anyway? RIGHT?  Ugh!


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