Peanut Butter Cookies From a Mix

Nearly every Tuesday my cousin hosts a tea party with dominoes after. Seeing as she is nearly 77 years old and has a hard time standing for long periods and I am a much younger nearly 58 year old I was elected to bake weekly for the party. Today I chose a Walmart GREAT VALUE brand peanut butter cookie mix. It makes two batches of 3 dozen each. I was skeptical but I mixed the egg with the 3 TB of veg. oil and 2 tsp water. I ended up using my hands to break up the lumps and mix it better. Well the dough tastes just like my homemade! How about that. I have it in the fridge getting cold, since I chill all of my cookie dough before baking on my two lightly oil sprayed airbake pans. I can only bake one tray at a time since my old hand me down oven only has one rack. But that’s fine I would do the same in my old gas oven. I usually remove the cookies from the hot pan about 5 minutes after taking it out of the oven and place them on my large cooling rack and then I place the next tray in the oven and set the timer. Then after removing the cookies from the tray I take it to the sink and wash it with cold water, dry it well and add another light coasting of oil spray. I prefer to bake on cold cookie sheets so the cookies don’t start pre-baking on the bottom. I hope these turn out well.


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