Crock Pot Soup with Nutmeg?

I make nearly all my soups in my big 6 quart crock pot. Today I made Chicken Vegetable Barley Soup and I added nutmeg- just 1/4 tsp to the recipe especially after watching the video I mention in this post.  Of course I added other spices such as SEASON ALL, NATURE’S SEASONS,  and salt and pepper. I have an old used electric coil burner stove and long cooking foods burn with it so I continue to use the crock pot. I first switched to heavier crock pot cooking when I did without a stove or oven for almost 2 years. Back then I survived with an very old portable coil single burner, my crock pots and my Oster Toaster/Convection/Broiler oven. I used to bake everything in that oven! Often homemade chicken nuggets, garlic smashed and garlic cubed potatoes. Why I even baked bread and pies in it on occasion..

Now getting back to the crock pot… I have been watching James Townsend & Sons on YouTube lately and one of the questions his viewers asked was; “Why is nutmeg added to all 18th century cooking?” Then I was remembering when I was a Home Health Aid my favorite client who was Polish had me add allspice to her chicken soup and as you know it smells nutmeggy, so I decided to add nutmeg to my soup in her honor (I haven’t forgotten you Sophia ! God rest your soul!). I have 5 good quarts of soup and I already froze 2. Of course I’ll share with my dad as I always do. Here’s that video. I love his cooking videos, maybe you will too!

  and someone wrote in on a Q & A video


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