The Cricket

Here I am visiting my daughter for two weeks. Today I walked into the powder room downstairs, you know I REALLY had to go… And there by the toilet rug is a cricket! But it’s not anything like our big black ones or small (baby?) brown ones. This has huge grasshopper type back legs and a humped body, it reminded me of the Chinese or Japanese ones in story books…kept in a cage? ANYWAY I grab a piece of toilet paper and pick it up and flush it! All gone! Then I sit down to go… all the while imagining it coming back up and jumping on my hoo hoo! 5 minutes later I get up to finish and there’s the cricket on top of the water! ALIVE!  So here it was wiggling on top of the water as I did my business! I screamed and quickly flushed it again! This time holding down the handle until it was done. It’s really gone now, I checked! LOL.


Note: I do feel bad about flushing the innocent cricket, usually I throw an insect outside because I don’t like to squash them, I hate the sound it makes and how it looks…guts and all, you know? And I found out after cricket’s don’t hurt anyone. I guess that makes me a horrible person!  :  (  By the way that cricket IS a native insect to my area in Pennsylvania! It’s called a CAMEL CRICKET. Living up north of the state I have never seen one before but I see different insects here in the southern part of the state, such as the HAIRY CENTIPEDE that scared the shit out of me when I visited my daughter and her family at their old house. I do NOT feel bad about flushing the little Yellow Jacket look alikes that keep coming in the house!

NOTE: Is this story a TMI story? Hey baby this is real life! Get over it!


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