Tea and Dominoes

I come from a very large family, especially on my mother’s side. I had 23 first cousins. Some of them are gone now but the few remaining return to the hometown of their parents, some quite often,  but most quite less. Two of my cousins moved back to town when they retired. Many years ago my one cousin moved back to town buying Grandma’s house from an aunt who bought it after grandma died in 1996. When little M. moved back to town she wanted to have these delightful little tea parties, but she added on dominoes at the end. In fact she couldn’t wait to get the tea over with so she could play dominoes! WE had a lot of fun at grandma’s old house even though it had been through two floods and two renovations since 2006. Unfortunately her husband hated driving up from North Carolina every so often and they sold the house. Meanwhile my other cousin moved back to town into her mom’s house next door, which she inherited a few years back. This house was also hit by the same two floods, but is now in pretty good shape. That is where I will be going today at 1 PM. I am the “baker” in the family so I made the blueberry muffins yesterday to be served with the tea. We girls look forward to this “tea party” once a week, usually on Tuesdays. It’s nice to keep up a family tradition. When our mother’s were alive we would gather at grandma’s for tea and puzzles. I called them “Puzzle parties”, but it’s still nice to gather around a table an gossip and have a good old time!


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