Sweet Corn Cooking…

Remember how I’m making Kielbasa Corn Chowder for the church soup supper? Well this morning my father and I went to the local farmer’s stand for some corn so I can blanch it and freeze it even though I make the soup Thursday. He is a relative and he had a sign up saying, no corn for a few days until the field is ready. So we drove down the road to another farmer- not a relative. They charged $5.00 for a dozen and I bought 2 dozen. Most of the ears are beautiful but some have turned to brown mush on the tip where a worm settled in. I just break those tips off and shove the ear in the stainless steel dutch oven I’m steaming the corn in. I can only fit 9 ears in the pot because they are so big! While I was at the stand I had 3 extra dollars to spend but the only thing I needed was garlic. I was totally shocked to see their garlic selling for $2.00 a small head! I refused to buy it of course. I’ll get mine somewhere else, even at Walmart!


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