Lorraine’s Kielbasa Corn Chowder

I’m preparing myself to make that big double batch of Kielbasa Corn Chowder for the soup sale at my church next Friday. I improved on an online recipe my mom used to use and made it my own. The ingredients alone cost $30.00, and more. I’ll use 2-3 rings of Hatfield Kielbasa cut small and browned, 5 LBS maybe less of yellow potatoes, 3 cups each of onions and celery, 24 ears of fresh cut corn off the cob which I prepared and froze, 12 cups of Better Than Bullion Chicken base broth, 4 cups of whipping cream, 6 cloves garlic and butter rue made from 6 TB butter and 8 TB flour plus salt, pepper and seasoned salt. Using fresh cut corn makes this soup great! People LOVE it, and ask for it now.

Here’s my single batch recipe:

1 Ring Kielbasa. (I used Hatfield which comes in 12 oz size, but  LB is better, and local made Kielbasa is best)
1 and 1/2 Cup diced Onion
1 and 1/2 Cup thin sliced Celery
4 Cups Corn Fresh off the cob is best (About 12 ears of corn, blanched and cut off the cob)
4 Cups Yukon Gold Potatoes cut in 1/2 ” dice (They cook up firmer, hold their shape)
6 Cups Chicken Broth (I use water and Better Than Bullion Chicken)
2 Cups Whipping Cream
3 cloves Garlic minced
2 TB Butter
3 TB Flour
1 Tsp Salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Seasoned Salt
Quarter the kielbasa lengthwise and cut in thin slices, brown in a skillet, and add to the broth in the pot or crock pot.
Saute onion and celery until softened, then add that, also the corn and diced potatoes and season to your likeness. Cook until potatoes are tender.
Add the whipping cream and heat up before making the butter rue and stirring it in to thicken the broth.
NOTE: This recipe is so good that the soup was one of the few to sell out at the soup sale! I made the soup 2 days before selling it, so the flavors could ripen. NOTE: Don’t be afraid to substitute lactose-free milk or non dairy milks like Almond, soy or Coconut Milk.
Replace the Kielbasa with ham etc. if you wish.

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