Bagel Sandwich…

The past two days I have eaten small, toasted, plain bagels slathered with whipped cream cheese layered with rather bland, overcooked, deli roast beef in the middle. I must say the crisp chewy bagel and the creamy cheese livens up what could have been a boring sandwich on white bread, and hey they were out of white bread anyway. My son-in-law bought the roast beef and neither he or my daughter would eat it because it wasn’t ‘pink’ in the middle! How ridiculous is that? If I didn’t eat it it would have gotten thrown away! Perfectly good protein would have gone in the trash! I wasn’t raised to waste food like that! My daughter wasn’t either but she changed after she moved out of the house at age 18. She’s been married for 6 years now to a wonderful man, but they don’t practice frugal ways in the kitchen. They would never make chicken soup from a rotisserie chicken carcass like I would. I’ve lived on a very, very small food budget the last 10 years, I know how to save money in the grocery store and at home. Sure they buy food on sale but then they waste it at home… sheesh! I buy my whole grocery order at Walmart and I make it stretch out!


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