Moldy Watercolor Paint

I have an old set of YARKA Semi-Moist Watercolors I bought about 20 years ago. I have hardly used the set and it sat in a bottom dresser drawer with some other art supplies. After looking through the paper supplies earlier I noticed tiny dots of mold on my pre-cut mat boards and some drawing paper. I quickly threw away the moldy paper products and figured it must be coming from my house which was flooded twice back in 2011 and once 5 years before that in 2006. There doesn’t seem to be any mold in the dresser itself. Was the mold really coming from the old YARKA semi-moist watercolor paints? Is that where it was spreading from? So here I am today washing the mold off of the individual pans of paint. I just don’t know if I should even keep them anymore. Sometimes the mild is inside the walls of the plastic pans of paint, not just on top. I’m now soaking the pan itself after removing the pans. I’ll scrub the white plastic hinged pan clean all the mold from the pint, but I wonder is the paint impregnated in the paint? Will more grow later? Will mold grow in the paper of anything I paint with it? is is just a big Mold hotel?


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