I Walked into the Old School…

I walked into the old school, the only registered historical building on town. As I walked pulled the door open and walked up the old wooden steps I could hear women talking in the small library’s break-room/office down the short hall on the left, but I didn’t feel like stopping in to say “Hello,” especially after last time when I became the center of attention due to ‘her.’ So I glanced at the open door knowing the ladies couldn’t see me, as I turned right and walked into the old double classroom that was now being used as an Event Room by townsfolk. The old sliding doors used to divide the room into two classrooms had been removed about 15 years ago when the school was taken over as a historical building. It was my job the clean the whole building before the yearly homecoming event later in the month.  Once there I resumed cleaning the remaining old church pews that lined two of the walls. I picked up my Murphy’s Oil Soap mixed with water to clean the 8′ long cushions. I sprayed them well and took a clean rag and wiped the dirt off. After a while I made some noise moving the table over to the other half of the room. That caused the ladies to come into the hall to investigate who was in the room. One lady came out and looked into the huge room. “It’s just me!” I yelled and she walked away. Then ‘she’ came out and also looked at me but she didn’t say “Hello”, she just turned and walked away, and as I saw her back I yelled “Hello Aunt C!” and she said “Hello Lorraine!” in a tired voice as she walked back to the room. I knew she was snubbing me, like she had done many times in the past, but I couldn’t let it her get away with it. I just had to say hello, you know? But the oldest woman in the group came in to say hello, she said I was doing a fine job.


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