Fundraisers… “Don’t you want your gift?”

I live in a very small town of about 900 people, but their kinfolk live in nearby communities and we all band together when there is a fire or illness and a fundraiser is needed. Just like in other small towns across the USA we help each other in times of need. Unfortunately I can’t afford to even attend a fundraiser since I have barely any spending money, and I might need that for milk or eggs. So a few weeks ago I decided to donate my art as a gift certificate prize for the very first time. I have the art supplies and can make it for nothing, I don’t have to spend money except for a flea market picture frame and some paper in the future.

I wasn’t even sure I did it correctly. I was told the gift certificate was to be framed and a fundraiser organizer said she would place it in a frame for me. So I typed up the certificate and PMed it to her on Facebook. I also made a smaller House Blessing as a sample of my artwork and gave to the ladies in charge. Well, here it’s been 3 days and the winner didn’t contact me in my email I gave them with the certificate or on Facebook. I feel very unsettled about it. I didn’t give out my phone number on the gift certificate but if they  email me I would give them the number, which is unlisted. Did they like the small House Blessing? Why didn’t they claim the gift by ordering the artwork? I would gladly make it for them, I was getting excited about creating something new. Is it me? Are they not claiming it because I’m some eccentric person? (Well YES, I am somewhat eccentric, but really! I’m harmless!) I’m not feeling very confident right now. I feel like they might be thinking there is something wrong with ME!

NOTE: In the end I realize I’ve worried about it too much. WORRY is a waste of time and energy. It’s time to move on.. maybe someday someone will contact me about their artwork. Maybe after a baby is born or they need a kid’s birthday gift they can order something.



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