Lymph Gland Drainage Massage

Have you ever had swollen glands under your ear or jawline when you get sick? I ofen have that problem when fighting an infection such as an illness or even a mouth sore. For instance, right now my gum is swollen and sore near my wisdom tooth and the gland under my earlobe where my jaw opens is enlarged and tender to the touch and when I move my head. Our lymph glands are very important in keeping us well.

Last year I developed an unusual problem with swollen and tender lymph glands under my arms and in my breasts. I ended up panicking about breast cancer, since my breasts were feeling inflamed which causes hot flashes and the glands were giving me pain and they have a permanent inner flushed look. So I ended up having breast ultrasounds, Mammo, blood tests. Everything came back normal the doctor said “You’re fine!”  So I figure I have a “condition” to live with. My sister told me about Lymph gland drainage massage on YouTube and since then I massaged until the symptoms went away- well almost. Since then I have milder flare ups. I’ve been experiencing hot flashes again and I attributed it to Post menopause. Now I believe it’s a flare up of my lymph gland condition.  So I have begun to massage myself again but I need to brush up on the drainage techniques. Here I will post a few fro YouTube.

Lymph gland drainage works well for people with allergies and sinus infections also. I of course must massage my armpits and breasts like I did in the past.  Actually a whole body Lymph Gland Drainage massage might even be better, but I certainly can’t afford that, or be bothered to massage myself that much.



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