I Worked in QC for years…

I worked in Quality Control in the printing industry for many years as a young adult up until I was 33 years old to be exact. I find that ever since I am constantly finding that which looks out of place in anything. I recently commented on a blog about a book and the bird on the cover was a cardinal, not a scarlet tanager, and I just HAD to mention it.  I still find myself tempted to point out things which need fixing. In the old days I’d find a mistake on a press plate and I’d take the huge negative to a “stripper” and he would place it on a light table and adjust the text alignment, or unflop a “halftone” photo, or place the correct ad in a reprint, paint the scratch on the negative etc. I figure I saved the company many thousands of dollars. Of course now everything is computer generated, my job was ruled out 24 years ago, but I am still living the life of a Quality Control person.


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