Thirty Years…

Today is my thirty year wedding anniversary! And I forgot all about it! (I’m so bad!) Yes, I married that eccentric young man who talked like Elmo to entertain my 2 year old daughter. Who likes to walk around in his underwear when we’re home alone.. ha ha! I married that man who couldn’t be called a romantic exactly, but who did nice things for me every now and then. For instance he let me sleep in this morning so I didn’t have to make his breakfast before he left for work. We’ve lived through rough times. A flood in 2006 and then two more floods a week apart in 2011. We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but he’s stuck by my side, never willing to give up on the relationship. Why? I don’t know, it’s not like I’m a prize to be lovingly kept on hand. I’m now an old, fat, bitchy at times, 57 year old grandma with a head of premature white hair. I look at my chubby face and figure in the mirror and think.. “I really need to lose weight!” as I sigh… not really motivated due to other health problems and a major case of laziness.


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