Who Did It?

So I go to a local town-wide yard sale and pick up an art print painted by a New York area artist and teacher. It was one of 700 prints with 25 artists proofs. It was signed with a pencil but in broken cursive, not in block letters like on the print. There’s a “certificate of authenticity” glued to the back and the artwork was not completely attached to the matting. I could see the brown paper backing had come unglued some from a cheap plastic frame and it was freshly glued, so I thought I probably had me a forgery of some sort. So I looked the artist up and he’s an art teacher at R______  Art Institute. I tried contacting him through the institute and his website to see if it is authentic. I wonder if I will get an answer? But I must stress that it looks like a top quality watercolor print and it’s on 100% cotton rag HP watercolor paper too! I know! I’m a watercolor folk artist and use the same kind paper only I use unbleached paper!

NOTE: YES! I got an answer, in fact I got a few very short ones, he used very few words oddly enough…  but I found out he didn’t paint it!  (Or so he said anyway). I told him “Someone must be making money from your name!” I showed him the certificate of authenticity with his name on it and a scanned portion of the artwork with his signature in attachments.  I sent the Master printer’s website and the E-Bay website that showed even MORE of his work being auctioned off. Who knows he probably thought I was some freak bothering him, and maybe I am eccentric  (What’s wrong with that I ask? Ha!). Then I e-mailed him back and told him about a local lithographer who many artists use in my area and on the east coast. I have a feeling he DID paint that period piece picture! The other ones on E-Bay were a similar painting style. The Master-printer’s name  was David Adamson , and he seems to be some bigwig in New York City.


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