Breakfast Taco for Lunch

I was starving when I got home from work and I didn’t have much to work with, but I have eggs, Swiss chard in the EarthBox and single wrap cheese in the deli drawer.  I won’t be getting a ruefully small grocery order until next week and even then I’ll be wishing I had 200 bucks to spend at Walmart. Some people HATE Walmart, but I LOVE it! I save money there!  I always have a very small food budget, and that means not buying condiments or certain cleaning products sometimes and I miss having them! Nonetheless I made myself a two egg, veggie taco.  I picked 4 big leaves of Swiss Chard, cleaned them and chopped them up, stems and all and they are tender after 5 minutes steaming with water, dried minced onion and some garlic and few pats of butter. I added Parmesan cheese at the end thinking about having it for a side dish but heck I dumped it all my eggs which I scrambled with butter, fresh chopped basil and flat leaf parsley. I admit I forgot salt and pepper.  When the eggs were cooked I dumped it all on a 10″ flour taco and topped with a slice of American single wrapped cheese! I admit it was DELICIOUS!


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