Sausage Gravy… Yum!

Sausage Gravy is one of those foods you can eat for any meal!  Yesterday I bought a 16 oz tube of BOB EVANS Naturally! Pork Sausage at Walmart for a marked down price of $3.44.  I browned it well, adding some chopped red onion. It actually didn’t have a lot of fat like some sausages do. When the onions were tender I added 3 level Tbs of flour and stirred it well and let it soak up the fat. Then I added 3 cups of milk and stirred constantly until it thickened. I actually prefer to add a 12 oz can of evaporated milk and a can of water to make up the three cups of milk, it just has more flavor!  I removed half of the mixture to a food chopper to make a smoother gravy. Then I served some over one piece of toasted homemade bread. That was my dinner last night and it was my breakfast this morning.  It stores well all week in the fridge too!  But you have to add a few Tbs of water to thin out the gravy and stir well.  I loved the spices they added! It wasn’t bland like some sausages are.


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