Venison Stew

I made venison stew in the crock pot today because the roast didn’t fit in the pressure cooker. The pressure cooker makes a more flavorful stew of course. It really was a pitiful stew. I had no celery to add, just a small amount of frozen onions, potatoes and carrots and beef broth base mixed with water,  onion powder, salt, pepper and thyme. When it started to cook tender I took out potatoes and carrots, set aside then took out the roast and cubed it up and added back into the broth to cook another hour. Then I added the veggies back in and made a gravy with flour and water mixed smooth and poured through a fine strainer as I stirred. Made a nice gravy. I miss the extra onion and the celery though. I would have added more veggies if I had any in the freezer..


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