The Ghost Next Door…

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Image: Upper Bucklebury graveyard (A favorite place for me – but that is another story!)

As promised I am sharing some personal encounters in regard to ghosts, reincarnation etc. This event happened when I was approximately 10 years old. We lived in a small village in England called Upper Bucklebury. There was only one store beside the gas station, it serviced the community and was a hub for meeting neighbors as well as providing essentials.

(***This village is now world famous due to Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, once living here)

Like all of my friends at that time, we rode bicycles everywhere and the easiest way to find your child, as a parent, was to walk down the road and find the pile of bicycles on the lawn of a house. The housing estate was fairly new so the residents were mainly younger couples and their children and we…

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The Bible as Historical Record

In apologetics, one mistake beginners tend to make is to start by quoting scripture. Now don’t get me wrong, the scripture is awesome and life changing, but what if the person does not believe the Bible is God’s word? What if they believe it is unreliable and full of mistakes and issues? Quoting scripture to […]

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I Lost it All…

Our computer crashed a few weeks ago and I lost all my genealogical files. Thankfully we had downloaded all our files to a thumb-drive last year but all my new census pages, family photos, tombstone photos, and newspaper articles are gone! I have since learned my lesson! This week I will begin work at finding them and adding them back on a brand new 32 Gig thumb drive- MY own personal thumb-drive that is. Meanwhile I need to transfer my files from the old thumb drive onto the hard drive and then transferring onto the new thumb-drive.

Bigfoot, Giants with Double Rows of Teeth…

I’m open minded that’s true, but not so bad my brain fell out!  Yes I want to believe in Bigfoot and ancient giants on this earth with double rows of teeth!  There’s so many mysteries on this earth, who are we to blow it all off as hysterics? People KNOW what they’ve seen. Aliens.. yes, of course they probably exist but that doesn’t make me crazy. Let’s just say I’m interested in EVERYTHING on earth! I want to learn all about everything interesting. Yes I do have a vivid imagination, that’s why I think all things are possible in one way or another.

PROTECT ALL WILDLIFE : Elephants Shot With Poison Arrows By Poachers Travel To Humans For Help — OUT OF THIS WORLDX

. . Last month, a wild elephant and two of his friends were attacked by poachers. Wounded by poisoned arrows, they trudged across the African landscape to the one place that could help them: 0-0-0-the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). . . Though the wild elephant had never been a resident at DSWT, he knew […]

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On Labeling Genealogical Records — Brianna Audrey Wright

Earlier this year, on a complete whim, I wrote a post about my 3x great-grandmother, Minnie Igle Wildrick. I was browsing around on my family tree and for whatever reason, I kept returning to Minnie’s profile page. Okay, I said. Let’s begin telling your story. Little did I know that that post would bring me […]

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Girl Scouts

I few years ago I bought an 80 year old leather binder at a flea market for $10.00 that belonged to a Philadelphia area Girl Scout leader. Then I contacted the GIRL SCOUT MUSEUM and asked if they might like it, and they said NO! I was shocked! It has several hand typed stories in it dated to 1936, and even more cut out from girl scout magazines and girl scout leader’s magazines. I can’t fathom why SOMEBODY associated with the Girl Scouts doesn’t want to leaf though it..