Soups On!

I have a crock pot of chicken broth coming up to a simmer. I used 2 Walmart rotisserie carcasses, 3 TB of Better Than Bouillon Chicken broth base, some onion, carrot, celery and Mrs. Dash seasoning. Now I’ll get my shower, toddle off to work and while I’m gone it will simmer away. When I get home a few hours later I will remove everything from the pot and strain the broth off. Then I’ll pick the chicken meat from the carcasses and probably eat the celery and carrots if they have any flavor left in them. Then I’ll pour the broth back in the pot and add a new batch of onions, celery and carrots, and when they cook up near tender I’ll add frozen veggies and let it cook another 1/2 hour until tender and add the chicken meat last. I’m omitting my usual pearl barley. I’ll add cooked angel hair pasta to the soup before I serve it. Sometimes I reheat the soup on the stove and cook one serving of the broken up pasta in the broth.

Miss Eliza Elopes

My great grandma Eliza Ann Sickler eloped with a ‘barkeeper’ named Thomas Sprague. Her daddy who was a prominent businessman decided to rescue her with the help of my future great grandfather before it was too late! The year was 1875 and Eliza was 19 years old.  This interesting fact and family soap opera was reported in a local weekly paper, over a series of weeks. Here’s the first installment of her story. I’m assuming the Sickler and French families were mortified to find this report in the local paper.

Eliza Sickler French age 19

Eliza Ann Sickler French

This tintype of Eliza Ann Sickler was probably taken on the day she got married since her married name is scrawled on the back. She doesn’t look too happy! Here’s the first newspaper installment:

Shooting Affray March 24, 1875 001 red 3

Forgive Yourself…

Forgive yourself of mistakes you made in the past, even if you are not forgiven for making them. We can apologize over and over again to that person or persons we offended and to our own selves as we immerse ourselves in guilt. Live in the present moment and leave the past where it belongs. Just try to be a better person right now, in the present moment.

Pretentious Words! Ugh!

I hate pretentious words! If there’s a simpler way to express myself I usually do. The word ‘Pretentious’ is also a pretentious word by the way, how ironic that I have to use it to express myself in this blog! I even had the NERVE to call out a pretentious word user in a YouTube  video’s comment section. She claimed she didn’t have to DUMB DOWN to help other people understand what she was saying. I told her speak in simple terms so EVERYONE can understand! What’s up with that? We had a little disagreement that day. And YES I did delete all my comments and change my profile picture. Ugh!